White Base Microwavable Container

BPA Free
BPA Free

Size: 16oz / 400ml
Include Lids: Clear Lids
Pack Quantity: 150 Containers
Sale price Only £29.53
Inc vat:
Sale price£35.44

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Premium Quality BPA Free White Base Microwavable Rectangle Container.

This product is Easier to recycle than our Black Base Microwavable Container.
This is because they can be recycled easily and dyed with greater flexibility in comparison to coloured plastics.

  • Microwave Safe
  • 100% Recyclable
  • 100% PP Virgin Food Grade
  • BPA Free 
Description Product Code
Dimensions (DxH)

Volume (oz / ml)

Weight Per Box Quantity Per Box
16oz White Base Microwavable Container with Lids
PP Virgin Food Grade
200 x 140 x 25mm 16oz / 400ml
24oz White Base Microwavable Container with Lids 44WBRE24IP PP Virgin Food Grade 185 x 120 x 40mm 24oz / 600ml 5.6kg 150
28oz White Base Microwavable Container with Lids 44WBRE28IP PP Virgin Food Grade 220 x 150 x 40mm 28oz / 700ml 5.8kg 150
32oz White Base Microwavable Container with Lids 44WBRE32IP PP Virgin Food Grade 220 x 150 x 45mm 32oz / 850ml 7.8kg 150
38oz White Base Microwavable Container with Lids 44WBRE38IP PP Virgin Food Grade 220 x 150 x 50mm 38oz / 1100ml 13.4kg 150
58oz White Base Microwavable Container with Lids 44WBRE58IP PP Virgin Food Grade 290 x 200 x 50mm 58oz / 1500ml 15.7kg 150

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